woensdag 18 april 2007

graag op de festivals

Op weg naar de videoshoot deed Leslie Feist een belletje naar haar vader, dat hij toch maar eens moest binnenspringen in de studio. "I'm going to dance like in 'Fame'. I'm going to be carried around on the shoulders of 50 people, like Madonna in 'Material Girl', only minus the pearls and the back muscles."

Eh voilĂ . 'The Reminder' ligt zaterdag bij de plaatjesboer. Doen!

Producer Gonzales: “Feist comes from an indie-rock world, where it’s sacrilege to admit any kind of ambition. But I had 100 percent in my mind the idea that we should have as much material as possible that could be played on the radio or resonate with a huge bunch of people. We already have the built-in reflex not to get behind anything that’s going to be hollow. And when you have an artist with this kind of credibility, the idea is to communicate to as many people as possible without doing something ridiculous.”


(Quotes recht uit The New York Times geplukt.)

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Ik kijk echt al lang uit naar die cd!! Haar vorige vond ik ook al supergoed!!